(Open)VMS(/ VAX), Version overview

(Open)VMS V(ersion), (Date)
-Major enhancements

VMS V1, AUG-1978
-Multiuser, multifunction virtual memory operating system
-ODS-1 and ODS-2 file systems
-Integrated DECnet
-ANSI magtape support
-Languages: VAX-11 FORTRAN IV-PLUS, VAX-11 MACRO generates native code,
 BASIC-PLUS 2 and COBOL, DCL & MCR command language interpreters.
-Supported hardware: VAX-11/780 with min. 256KB max. 2MB memory, 2 RK06 disks or
 MASSBUS disk and tape. DMC-11 communications interface, CR11, LP11 and LA11.
 DZ11 with VT52 and LA36 terminals. Floating point accelerator.

VMS V2, APR-1980
-Support for new VAX-11/750 processor
-More native languages
-EDT screen editor
-SET HOST command
-MAIL, PATCH and SEARCH utilities
-Shared sequential RMS files
-Support for multiport shared memory and DR780
-Connect to interrupt driver
-User written system services

VMS V3, APR-1982
-Support for new processors: VAX-11/730, VAX-11/725 and VAX-11/782
-Asymmetric multiprocessing (ASMP) for VAX-11/782
-Support for new architectures, protocols, busses
-System communication architecture (SCS)
-Mass storage control protocol (MSCP)
-Lock management system services
-MONITOR utility for performance monitoring
-Command definition utility for DCL
-Terminal autobaud detection, CTRL/T, and hangup on logout

VMS V4, SEP-1984
-Support for new VAX 8600 processor
-Connection manager
-Distributed lock manager
-Distributed file systems (F11BXQP)
-Distributed RMS
-Distributed job controller
-Improved system security
-Command line editing and command recall
-Local area terminal server
-Access control lists implemented
-Cluster wide operator control
-Variable prompt strings

VMS V4.1
-Support for MicroVAX I/II, VAXstation I/II

VMS V4.3A, JAN-1986
-LHR for the VAX 8200

VMS V4.4, JUL-1986
-Support for new processors: VAX 8200, VAX 8250, VAX 8300, VAX 8350, VAX 8500,
 VAX 8550, VAX 8700 and VAX 8800.
-ASMP support for VAX 83xx and VAX 88xx systems.
-Cluster packages VAX 8974 and VAX 8978.
-Disk volume shadowing and HSC support

VMS V4.5B, MAR-1987
-Support for new processors: VAXstation 2000 & MicroVAX 2000

VMS V4.6, AUG-1987
-RMS Journalling

VMS V4.7, JAN-1988
-CDROM as distribution media available

VMS V5, MAY-1988
-Support for new processors VAX 6210, 6220, 6230, 6240, 8820, 8830, 8840, 8842,
 VAXserver 6210, 6220
-Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support
-Mixed interconnect VAXclusters
-License management facility (LMF)
-Terminal fallback utility
-Modularized executive
-System Management enhancements
-Dynamic failover of dual pathed disks
-New batch and print queue features
-AUTOGEN Feedback
-Internationalization of terminal displays

VMS V5.1, JAN-1989

VMS V5.2, SEP-1989
-Support for new processors: VAX 6400 and VAXserver 6400 series, VAXserver 3100
 and MicroVAX 3100
-Cluster member limit raised to 96 nodes
-Cluster wide Process Services available
-Major enhancements to BACKUP
-Security enhancements
-Enhancements to the VMS Debugger System Management

VMS V5.2-1, OCT-1989
-Support for MicroVAX 3100 Modell 38 & 48, VAXstation 6000 series 4xx

VMS V5.3, JAN-1990
-Improved DECwindows software for workstations
-Distributed Name Service (DNS) for network based systems
-Enhanced VAX Text Processing Utility (TPU) and Extensible VAX Editor (EVE)
-SCSI support

VMS V5.4, OCT-1990
-Support for new processors: VAX 6510, VAX 6520
-Vector processing option for VAX 64xx
-DCL commands for fault tolerant (VAXft) systems
-TPU enhancements
-DECwindows enhancements
-MSCP load balancing and preferred path
-Password history, dictionary and site specific password filters

VMS V5.4-0A, OCT-1990
-Support for new processors: VAX 9000

VMS V5.4-1, DEC-1990
-Support for new processors: VAX 9000 SMP, VAXstation 3100 model 76, VAX 4000
 model 200, VAXft models 110, 310, 410, 610, 612
-LAT V5.4-1. (support of VMS Volume Shadowing Phase II)

VMS V5.4-2, MAR-1991
-Support for VAX 4000 Model 200 series, KFMSA adapter, various peripheral
 devices & option LAT V5.4-2 saveset

VMS V5.4-3, OCT-1991
-DEMFA and FDDI support
-Local Area VAXcluster Multiple Adapter Support

VMS V5.5, NOV-1991
-Support for new processors: MicroVAX 3100 models 30, 40 & 80, VAX & VAXserver
 66xx series, VAX 4000 models 60, 500 & 600, VAXstation 4000 models 60 & VLC
-New queue manager
-New licensing features
-LAT enhancements (SET HOST/ LAT, LATmasterfeatures)
-Phase II Shadowing (host based shadowing)
-Cluster wide tape services (TMSCP)
-New RTLs - DECthreads and BLAS fast-vector maths library
-SCSI Shadowing
-Improved Cluster Failover

VMS V5.5-2HW, SEP-1992
-Support for new processors: VAX 4000 models 100 & 400, VAX 7000 models 600,
 VAX 10000 model 600, VAXstation 4000 model 90, MicroVAX 3100 model 90
-Support for RZ26 / TZ86 / ESE50

VMS V5.5-2H4, AUG-1993
-Support for new processors: MicroVAX 3100 models 85, 88, 95 & 96, VAX 4000
 models 100A, 105A, 106A, 108, 500A, 505A, 600A, 700A, 705A, 800A, VAXstation
 4000 model 96

VMS V5.5-2HF, AUG-1993
-Support for new processors: VAXft model 810

OpenVMS/ VAX V6.0, JUN-1993
-Support for new processors: VAX 7000 model 650/ 660, VAX 10000 model 650/ 660
-Rationalized and Enhanced security (Level C2 compliance)
-Multiple queue managers across cluster
-HELP/ MESSAGE utility
-Support for ISO 9660 CDROM format
-Adaptive Pool Management
-SYSMAN cluster wide SHUTDOWN and startup logging
-Cluster wide Virtual I/O cache
-Extended physical and virtual adressing
-Protected subsystems
-DECwindows XUI replaced by DECwindows Motif
-Extended Physical Addressing up to 3.5 GB
-Virtual Balance Slots
-Extended Virtual Addressing
-Virtual I/O Cache
-$SCHED System Service
-System Snapshot

OpenVMS/ VAX V6.1, APR-1994
-Support for new processors: VAX 7000 models 7xxx
-PCSI Product installation utility (PRODUCT command)
-DECamds bundled with operating system
-CLUE Crash dump utility
-DPML standard maths library
-C++ support
-DECnet/OSI Extended Node Names
-Support for Polycenter HSM
-Infoserver Tape Backup
-Debugger Heap Analyzer
-LAT Symbiont customization

OpenVMS/ VAX V6.2, MAY-1995
-Freeware V1.0 CD distributed with operating system
-Automatic foreign commands (like UNIX PATH mechanism)
-RAID subsystem support
-DCL TCP/ IP functions e.g.: COPY/ FTP and SMTP transport in MAIL
-OpenVMS Management Station
-SCSI clusters
-SCSI-2 Tagged Command Queuing
-BACKUP Manager - Screen oriented interface
-Dynamic Device Recognition
-Command Recall
-Cluster Event Notification Services
-Show System Enhancements
-Support for System Dump file off system disk
-TMSCP for SCSI tapes
-Search Utility and Show Utility Enhancements
-Boot clusters without DECnet (LAN-MOP)

OpenVMS/ VAX V7.0, DEC-1995
-Process affinities and capabilities from DCL (Set PROCESS/ AFFINITY)
-Integrated network and internet support
-New MAIL utility (rewritten, integrated support for TCP/ IP Mail)
-Timezone and UTC support
-64-bit addressing - new system services
-Kernel threads
-Spiralog high performance file system
-Wind/U - Windows Win32 API
-Fast I/O and Fast Path highly optimized I/O

OpenVMS/ VAX V7.1, DEC-1996
-PPP protocol
-Internet product suite
-External Authentication (LAN manager single signon)
-Memory channel high performance cluster interconnect
-Very Large Memory (VLM) support
-CDE interface for DECwindows
-64 bit system services
-Scheduling system services
-SCSI Device Naming
-DECnet-Plus replaces DECnet Phase IV.

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